adaptación al cambio climático en el hogar

Leading agency: ECOHERENCIA, S.C.A.
Area of interventions: Climate Change
Relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature
Sustainable consumption and production patterns
Education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning
Total budget: € 7.500
Requested contributions: € 6.750
Duration: 5 months
Start and end date(s): 01/03/2019 – 31/07/2019

Summary of the project

This project offers a set of tools to citizens to work, use, recognize and manufacture sustainable consumption alternatives. Other ways of consuming in an environmentally friendly way will be made known in order not to aggravate climate change.
The objectives of the project are:
● To train participants on climate change, from the perspective of consumption style and its consequences.
● To Train participants in the preparation of recipes for products to transform our home into a sustainable home.
● To Encourage the creativity of participants and citizens in general on the challenges of climate change.
● To Publicize consumer alternatives that are easy to adapt in our daily lives and do not promote climate change.
Several activities will be carried out: 6 three-hour workshops on climate change and responsible consumption (local, organic and healthy) for adults. In addition, it includes the production of three demonstration videos on how to make healthy products for our home, ensuring greater dissemination, diffusion and impact. A competition will be held to create Haikus (Japanese poem of three verses) and a publication will be published with the best ones.


The workshop will be given six times, addressed to an approximate number of 20 people (total of 120).

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