Nuestra agenda para el planeta

Leading agency: Asociación Mujeres Entre Mundos
Partners: Asociación Juvenil Cultural y Deportiva“ALBERO”
Area of interventions: Climate change
Total budget: € 31.248,51
Requested contributions: € 28.123,66
Duration: 12 months
Start and end date(s): 01/11/2018 – 31/10/2019

Summary of the project

The project OUR AGENDA FOR THE PLANET will last a total duration of 12 months and will be carried out in 16 towns located in the Andalusian Community (Spain). Each town is selected according to the assessment criteria and reports on the incidents of climate change in accordance with the European Environment Agency, Ecologists in Action and GreenPeace Spain. In order for the project to reach as many beneficiaries as possible, it will be implemented at educational centres in each town and in civic centres. The project will also be carried out in the Town Hall, neighbourhood associations, youth groups and immigrant associations. There will also be a radio station focusing on the issue of climate change, as well as online radio podcasts in which participation of citizens is encouraged. These podcasts will be recorded in different languages so that the migrant population can be involved in the cause (Arabic, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese). Thus, the activities vary depending on the space where it is given and the type of population, that is, if they are students, adults or radio listeners.
The educational centres are presented as a communicative bridge between the environmental needs and the receiving population, it´s definitive, young people. Its main objective is to promote social change by raising awareness of the central issues of education for development. That is, environmental care. Due to this, the educational centers are one of the scenarios where the project will be executed.
For the adult population, both natives as migrants, the civic centres of town halls, neighborhood associations and other associations are meeting points. In these centers, on the one hand, awareness-raising activities will be carried out to achieve a responsible culture based on fair and ecological trade. On the other, also the responsible consumption of the inhabitants of the towns. Due to the characteristics of our association, it is essential to attend and involve in the present project the various groups that are part of society: native population, migrants, young people, etc.
Finally, design and processing of this radio programme is about climate change awareness. Furthermore, citizenship empowerment to resolve the question of climate change is a challenge to everybody. The use of appropriate information and communication technologies is a step to new ways to awareness raising. For many years, Mujeres Entre Mundos Association has experience about this kind of projects.


primary and secondary school students and the adult population.
In total, there will be 1920 students and 240 adults, migrants, young people, etc.

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