Por un Consumo con valores. Somos Consumidores Solidarios ¿Te sumas?

Leading agency: Unión de Consumidores de Cádiz
Area of interventions: Sustainable consumption and production patterns
Total budget: € 30.100
Requested contributions: € 27.090
Duration: 18 months
Start and end date(s): 01/11/2018 – 31/04/2020

Summary of the project

The development and execution of our Project will be based on questions such as: the reconsideration of the current production, the commercialization and consumption models. The main goal of our work will be an analysis of reality from a critical approach. It would be taken as a good device to lead to a transition for better and sustainable consumption and production habits. Instructive tasks will promote the information, explanation and awareness about a conscious, solidary and quality consumption. We will perform some information and promotion programmes on regional and local consumption. We will perform some information and promotion programmes on regional and local consumption. Not only we will focus on that but also on those that can reduce the negative effect of active tourism regarding environmental, sociocultural, economic and sustainability areas. All these programmes will take place in the different school centres along the region of Cádiz, and they will be addressed to every level of secondary school education. By means of that, we try to encourage all citizens active participation, having the support of the elder via cultural partnerships. Consumers´s education is highly important due to the fact that the lack knowledge is a way of activating an irrational and excessive consumption, it also contributes to the delay of social values, so we must have consumption as object of study both for young and adults.


400 young people and 300 old people

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